Coping with divorce

     I started working with my hypnotherapist, Tamara, because I was going through a divorce and felt destroyed. I couldn't sleep; I was having anxiety about the future, and I was miserable. I knew I needed a new positive direction. I wanted to know why my marriage failed, and where things went wrong. I needed help.

     As I worked with Tamara, we went through a lot of my past struggles. She listened to me, and she asked the hard questions. She knew I was suffering from low self-esteem. She kept me motivated, positive, and helped me see the bright where I had seen only darkness.

     As my therapy progressed, Tamara helped me to pinpoint areas in my life that were negative, and turn them into positive learning events. She helped me find my inner strength, and a happiness I hadn't felt in years. I felt guided to finding a better life and a greater peace of mind.

     I am not sure where I would be today without the knowledge, assistance, and compassion I found at Mind Over Matters. They saved me from myself. I love myself again, and I am a stronger person! I would recommend Mind Over Matters and Tamara to anyone looking for inner peace, strength, self-esteem, motivation, or a better knowledge of him or herself.  The experience was absolutely wonderful!


Thank you for everything!!



hypnotherapy weight loss

Weight control


     When I originally looked at hypnosis, it was because I was frustrated with my repeatedly unsuccessful quest for a toned body. Despite the fact that I had always been a thin person, my constant obsession with food--shopping for it, eating it, preparing it, counting the calories in it--was getting in the way of my goals. I was a "crunchy carb" lover and ate for any reason, so all of my workout efforts seemed futile. I didn't like what I saw when I looked in the mirror anymore, and my negative self image was beginning to affect everyone close to me.

     I was a bit leery about hypnosis at first since I didn't really understand the concept, but I was willing to give it a try. I am so glad I did because my results were incredible and immediate! After my first session with Tamara, I began eating only when I was hungry. I had no desire to do otherwise, and spent less and less time in the kitchen. Originally, I thought that controlling my eating habits would be the only thing that came out of hypnotherapy, but I received so much more than that. What a relief it was not to be constantly controlled by, and obsessed with, a habit that had been with me for over 30 years.

     Tamara was simply wonderful! She was caring and considerate, and truly sincere. I always felt secure and comfortable during my sessions with her, and found myself looking forward to my appointments. The whole process was very relaxing, cleansing, and fulfilling; I didn't want it to end. Going to Tamara was one of the better things I have ever done for myself. I have saved an enormous amount of money on food already. I feel so much better about my body image and myself, and have recently decided to begin a career as a personal fitness trainer.



Dealing with anxiety

     Naturally a skeptic, I did not think hypnotherapy was for me, or that it even worked. I am a Psychology major, and fully believe in rooted behavior, but not as deep as the subconscious. Once I learned what the therapy consisted of, I was more curious to try it (maybe subconsciously I knew I needed help).
     After about two weeks of listening to the CD, I felt a power within myself to master my emotions without much effort. My self-confidence rose, and I was becoming more successful not only while playing my sports, and at school but also in my views and thoughts of the world around me. Tamara was able to relax me enough to understand her methods, which in turn, helped me proceed in the process. I could feel the difference, but until now, I could not see the difference in myself from before I attended hypnotherapy, to now. I can remember how I felt every day, anxious, and realize now, that I can overcome it.
     I am so grateful to have met and grown a deeper relationship with Tamara. I recommend this therapy to anyone who doesn't like to "talk about it," because Tamara teaches you to "talk" to yourself beyond what you think on the surface. I am able to understand myself on a whole other level, allowing me to move forward with my life. Thank you, Tamara, for being such an influential person in my life. What you do doesn't just help, it changes people.

hypnotherapy anxiety

Childbirth bonus

This client came to see me before she was even pregnant for a compleatly different issue. She used what she learned in many different areas, even giving birth!

     I also have something funny to tell you: It was recommended by a doula that I listen to some kind of meditation or hypnosis during my C-section and since  my brain was already trained to "soothe" when I heard your meditation, I listened to your meditation while giving birth! It must of worked cause I felt very little anxiety!


Happiness  (after only 1 session)

     I have been listening to my track you made me every day. What I found is that the more that I listen to it, the more my mind wonders (just like in meditation...). I have only fallen asleep to it once. BUT all the things mentioned...I AM DOING without hesitation or thought! That is super cool.


     After our session, I felt really, really good. Right after you ended and told me to open my eyes and feel good...I felt a natural high. I enjoy healthly activities that make me feel that way. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you again soon! :)


Academic performance


     My final grades are in and I completed my best semester of college.  I believe a significant portion of my success can be credited to the work we did together in setting my mind right.  Thank you for your services and support.