Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I be hypnotized?

A: Anyone who is willing, and that can have a conversation, can be hypnotized.

Q: How can hypnosis help?
A: When in the hypnosis state, your hypnotist can reach your subconscious mind. This is where your emotions, habits, and fears are based, and your hypnotist can change the emotion behind the behavior at the root, thus changing the unwanted behavior.

Q: Will I reveal my secrets?
A: No. You are very much aware of what is going on around you when you are in a state of relaxation, even more aware than usual. You are in complete control, aware of what you say, and of what is being said to you.

Q: What does hypnosis feel like?
A: It feels like you are very relaxed. Some clients report feelings of weightlessness, heaviness, or a tingling sensation in their hands or feet. Others report just a feeling of relaxation.

Q: Does hypnosis have any negative side affects?
A: No. Hypnosis deals with your mind helping you. There are no negative side affects. There is only extreme relaxation.

​Hypnosis is something that we all have experienced, it is a natural state between waking and sleeping, so every morning when we wake up and every evening when we go to bed, we pass through the natural state of hypnosis. Have you ever driven home and felt “zoned out”? Have you ever driven down a long highway and thought, "wow I don’t remember the last 20 miles"? This is hypnosis. You are very relaxed, but if a deer had jumped in front of your car, you would still have been able to react. The same way with clinical hypnosis, if you are told something that you do not agree with, something that goes against your morals or beliefs, this would be like the deer, and you would not accept that suggestion. Your conscious mind would again take over and you would react.

Hypnosis Questions

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No one can hypnotize you with thier eyes, no hypnotist can control your mind. Hypnosis has been given a bad reputation from media for way to long. This picture is a great representation on how incorrectly hypnosis has been depicted through out the years.

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Mind Over Matters Questions

Do you take insurance?

No insurance. In the past, clients have used a Health Savings plan, inquire with your provider to see if hypnosis applies.


How many sessions will it take? 

There are many variables to this equation. Please visit the About page for more information about my process. 


How do I book an appointment? 

Phone, email (listed at the footer of the page), or visit the Contact page for online schedule. 


Do you work with children? 

Yes! I love working with the kiddos.

You are going to think this is weird...

This is a comment that I hear so very often! I have heard many different issues from my clients and I assure you, I do not think it is weird! You can come in knowing that you will be treated with kindness and without judgment. I pride myself in having a relaxed, and safe environment for you to be very comfortable.