hypnotherapy methods

What to expect

Repetition and strong emotion are the two best ways to change any habit, behavior, or negative thought process. 


1st session repetition - The session starts by reviewing your intake forms, talking about exactly what your goals are; I will answer any questions you may have and we will review the process. Next, you move to the big comfy recliner, getting comfortable you will be guided into a relaxing state of hypnosis. This session is recorded. The suggestions given are designed to suit your goals and presented in a way that you personally would respond best to. You will be sent a personalized hypnosis mp3 via email immediately afterwards. The first session is wonderful; clients leave feeling very positive, hopeful, and relaxed.


Emotion - Your next appointment will be the discovery of the root cause behind the action (or inaction). Again cozying up in the big soft chair, you will be guided into a state of hypnosis. Using strategic questioning, you will be guided to the root cause. The belief, feeling, or association that has been holding you back is discovered and redirected, breaking the negative pattern for good. This allows you a response where you previously had a reaction; freedom!


Clients average around 6 hypnosis sessions. There are many variables to this equation; we will review these factors in the first session. Considering how long cognitive, behavioral, and psychoanalysis takes these are outstanding results! I sometimes joke saying that my business plan is awful: I eliminate my clients need for me very quickly, but in all seriousness that is why I do what I do; it works. 

Educated at the Capstone Institute in Las Vegas, NV in Clinical Hypnosis with additional certifications and experience in Pediatric Hypnosis, The Pin Pointing method, and The Art of Subconscious Suggestion, Tamara has established her practice in Austin, Texas. Motivated by the desire to better understand interpersonal issues and where habits are initially established, Tamara has used the newest methods available to better serve her clients.  She is a registered member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Through the use of hypnosis, Tamara establishes a relaxed state. In this state the mind opens to suggestibility, relaxation, and heightened imagination. Given her education and experience, the use of clinical hypnosis launches hyper-suggestibility; allowing for a series of preliminary instructions and suggestions.

Tamara Niemann

​Certified Clinical Hypnotist